Arrow by Invento


Pure power and a high degree of speed. A power kite for skilled pilots.

Wingspan: 220 cm
Standing height: 84 cm
Sail: Ristop polyester
Rods: 6 + 8 mm carbon fiber
Line: 100 kg recommended.
Wind: 2-7 Bft. (10-55 km/h, 6-34 mph)
Age: from 16 year

Note: This kite does not come with strings. Recommended line is 100kg Dyneema

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The Arrow is an extremely dynamic racing machine that combines incredible power and speed to create a challenging flying experience. Breathtakingly tight loops around the wing tip and a high airspeed even in the lower wind range make for fun early on. The Arrow shows a good-natured starting behavior and is hardly disturbed by gusts – characteristics that are actually completely untypical for stunt kites of this class. In the medium to upper wind range, pilots have to be ready to take on the challenge and will then be richly rewarded. The visually very appealing carbon design and, above all, its elongated, sickle-shaped shape give the Arrow a truly unique selling point in its class.

This is a seriously powerful kite, so it is for experienced pilots only and doesn’t appreciate crashing.


Note: This kite does not come with strings. Recommended line is 100kg  Dyneema.


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