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The Black Dog for Skydog is designed as a trainer kite for pilots ready to move up to slack-line trick flying. It comes with factory installed features such as weights, yo yo stoppers and covered leading edges that are normally only found on more expensive stunt kites. This kite is capable of all the big wing sport kite tricks. It rips through the sky with a “buzz” noise that adds to the excitement. An amazing kite at this price.

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The Black Dog is a very unique sport kite. It is designed as a trainer and introduction for those pilots ready to move up to advanced slack line trick flying. It also comes with factory installed features normally found on much more expensive sport kites. It also rips through the sky with a “buzz” noise to add to the excitement. The Black Dog basically came from another of Skydog’s successful designs, the Thunderstruck. Skydog enlarged it, replaced the Fiberglass frame with a durable high tech Carbon frame, tweaked it out a bit, added a weight system, yo yo stoppers, covered the leading edge to avoid line catches, and basically gave it everything higher end sport kites have for tricking. Don’t let it’s 6 foot wingspan fool you, this kite is capable of all of the advanced big wing sport kite tricks and the smaller size allows the flier to learn these tricks without the pull associated with larger wingspan slack line sport kites. Includes Ready To Fly Dyneema fly lines on winder with fly straps.

Video of Black Dog UL and Black Dog Standard kites (Please note that this video is not part of the KiteSmart website)

Kite Type: Dual String Stunt Kite

Colour: Black and White Skydog logo with red side panel.
Size: Width 195cm, Height 72cm.
Recommended Wind Range: 8 – 32kph (5 – 20 mph)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Frame: 6mm Carbon Fibre
Flying Lines: 25m x 75kg Dyneema on winder with wrist straps.
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This kite is supplied ready to fly – includes kite, flying line on winder, wrist straps, adjustable nylon carry case and instructions.

Please note: This is a high performance kite designed for pilots who are experienced with stunt kites.
It has a very lightweight, tubular carbon fibre frame which allows it to move and turn very quickly.
This also means that if the kite hits the ground at speed it will break the frame. KiteSmart carries a range
of spare parts for these kites but the aim is to fly the kite will skill and care, to avoid crashes.


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