PowerFoil 2.6 by Skydog


The 2.6m Powerfoil from Skydog provides an ideal power kite for new flyers or experienced flyers in stronger winds.

Skill Range: Intermediate (16yrs+) to Advanced

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The Skydog PowerFoils are quad-line traction kites (SDT). They are designed to move a pilot and vehicle by combining the power of the wind and the ability of the flyer. These are serious kites for experienced pilots. The PowerFoil 2.6 is the best-suited for higher wind traction flying and a great go-to foil for general power kiting. The PowerFoil 2.6 powers up nicely and stays perfectly stable on the edge. The kite comes in a cool messenger bag and is supplied with a quick de-power safety system (kite killer).

Please note: We have found some slight dye bleed stain on some areas inside the storage bag. It does not affect  integrity of the kite, but could be a visual issue to some purchasers.

Colour: Blue, black and white colour pattern
Size: 264cm x 96cm
Wind Range:
16-40kph (10-25 mph)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Lines: 25m x 135kg and 70kg Dyneema on winder with quad handles.
Skill Level: Intermediate (16yrs+) to Advanced

This kite is supplied ready to fly – includes kite, flying lines on winder, quad handles, kite Killer, kite peg, reusable nylon messenger case and instructions.


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