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The Skydog Para-Stunter (parafoil) kites allow you to feel the force of the wind while limiting the power and pull. Skydog Para-Stunter kites are perfect trainers to prepare flyers for big traction kites and are a blast to fly as the pilot gets pulled around while still having full control. A quick, responsive foil that offers a bit more pull in higher winds, the Para-Stunter 1.7 is a compact soft kite with great recovery and awesome graphics! Complete with flight straps and flying lines, and it all fits into a cool drawstring carry bag

Colour: Rainbow and white colour pattern
Size: 165cm x 67cm
Wind Range: 10-40kph (6-25 mph)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Lines: 25m x 100kg Dyneema on winder with wrist straps.
Skill Level: Novice to Intermediate

This kite is supplied ready to fly – includes kite, flying lines on winder, wrist straps, reusable nylon shoulder bag and instructions.


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