F Box Beach Kite by Invento


A modern variation on the traditional box kite the F Box Beach has striped sails to catch the wind and stay aloft. Box kites are stable fliers as they can shift and adjust to changing winds. An Invento box kite made of ripstop nylon and a tough fibreglass frame.

Age Range: 9yrs and up
Size: 100cm x 85cm plus tails

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This interesting box kite is very versatile. It’s wind range is fairly wide. According to wind conditions the separate wings can be attached or removed from the box section to increase or reduce sail surface.

-Refined colorful packaging that appeals to kids.

-Zero waste, nylon bag for storage.

Kite Type: Box Kite with detachable wings

Colour: Red, Blue, Black and White.
Size: 100cm x 85cm plus streamer tails
Recommended Wind Range: 10 – 32kph (6 – 20 mph)
Frame: Fibreglass
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Line: 40m x 17kg polyester with on flight ring.
Skill Level: Beginner / Child (9 years and up, but some adult assistance may be required to assemble the kite)

This kite is supplied ready to fly – includes box kite, flight ring, line, reusable nylon carry case and instructions.


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