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The Cruiser Aqua offers an exceptional introduction into the world of speed kiting. Because of its robust fiberglass frame and top-quality manufacturing, the Cruiser will survive many unplanned impacts. Easy to launch, but once propelled, the pilot best concentrate.
The Cruiser moves across the sky with great precision, both looping and in straight lines, wanting to be challenged. The acute design leaves no doubt in the serious nature of this kite and is perfect for those who enjoy battling the wind

Kite Type: Dual String Stunt Kite

Colours: Aqua, Black and Grey applique pattern.
Size: 194cm wide x 74cm high..
Recommended Wind Range: 15-55kph (10 – 35mph)
Frame: 8mm Fibreglass
Sail: Ripstop Polyester.
Flying Line: 2 x 30m, 100kg Dyneema on winder with wrist straps
Skill level: Beginner – Intermediate (Age 14 yrs +)

This kite is supplied ready to fly – includes kite, 100kg flying lines on winder, wrist straps and deluxe storage sleeve.


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