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Sleds & Lifter Kites

Power Sled XXL 9.0

Code: HQ106740

Invento HQ Power Sled kites are nearly unbreakable, require no assemblyand offer a lot of fun. These elegant and extremely efficient kites are known as stable flyers in moderate wind conditions. The Power Sled 9.0 can be used as a "Sky anchor" to lift larger line laundrt or inflatable kites and need to be treated with considerable respect. They go up easily and stay up in a wide wind range.

This kite is supplied without flying line.

Please note: Power Sleds generate enormous pull and need to be treated with considerable respect. This kite is for experienced pilots only. Strict observation of the recommended age and wind range is essential.

Colour: Multicoloured with blue, black and white stripes.
Size: Width 460cm, Height 230cm.
Recommended Wind Range:8-34kph (5 - 21 mph)
Frame: 6mm Fibreglass
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Line: This kite is supplied without flying line. The recommended line is 500kg
braided polyester - see our accessories page.Climax-Line-500
Skill Level: Experienced (18 years and up)

This kite is supplied with -
reusable nylon storage bag and instructions.


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