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Toxic 3.0

Code: HQ118352

A step up from the very popular Beamer, the Toxic has a higher aspect ration to deliver more dynamic power and lift. This "power-on" kite is suitable for all land based kite traction with included control handles. The size makes it best suited to moderate to higher wind conditons. Colored Flying Lines, Ground Stake and sylish Back-Pack are all included with this impressive power kite.

The Toxic is made from 3/4ozs. Rip-Stop Nylon fabric, Silicon coated both sides, ensuring a high degree of air-proofing. Dacron reinforced Trailing Edge and Leading Edge Vent openings make for added durability and resist stretch in these areas. The Bridle is formed from Kevlar/Dyneema (Spectra) and has sewn loops to reduce snagging. Robust bridle attachment tabs complete the high level of attention to detail on this kite. Much attention to detail has been given to the Toxic. Both Trailing Edge and Leading Edge Vent openings are reinforced with Dacron. Trailing Edge "Dirt Outs" have also been incorporated to make removing sand and other debris from inside the kite easier.

Colour: Blue, Black and White color pattern
Size: Flat Span 367cm (Flat Area = 3.0 sq.m)
Wind Range: 6-49kph (4-31 mph)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Lines: 20m x 220kg and 100kg Dyneema on winder with quad handles.
Skill Level: Intermediate (16yrs+)to Advanced.

This kite is supplied ready to fly - includes kite, coloured Dyneema flying lines on winder, contoured quad handles and ground stake loop, strop harness line, ground stake, stylish nylon backpack and instructions.


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