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Buggy - Peter Lynn Competition XR+ (Standard Wheels)

Code: HQ119706

The favourite buggy for all ambitious drivers. Perfect for high speed and trick manoeuvres. To satisfy the need for a buggy that can handle stunts and spins, Peter Lynn has produced a drastically changed buggy design. The centre of gravity has beenshifted further forward while being maintained as low as possible. The seat is made of padded webbing which hold the rider's position in the frame firmly. High speed turns are easier to control without the riskoffalling out. The correct seating position is critical to get the maximum performance, therefore the seating is fully adjustable. The extended rear axle maintains stability in side wind conditions allowing higher speeds.

Beware - this is a serious competition buggy.

Total Buggy Weight - 14.3kg
Frame Material - Stainless Steel
Frame Weight - 4.6kg
Real Axle - width - 95cm, 38mm diameter and 20mm wheel bolts.
Length Adjustment - 10cm
Seat - Padded Webbing
Wheels - Standard, 4.8/4.00(40cm)
Wheel Bearings - SKF 12mm sealed
Front Fork - reinforced, with sealed bearings
Assembly time - approx 6 minutes.

Peter Lynn Competition XR+ Buggy Dimensions:
Wheel Base118-122cm
Front Fork Width19.5cm
Front Fork Tube Diameter25.4mm
Footpeg Diameter22.1mm
Footpeg Length19cm
Footpeg Ground Clearance30cm
Downtube Length48cm
Downtube Thickness38.2mm
Sideframe Length75cm
Sideframe Diameter31.8mm
Distance Between Sideframes50cm
Seat Length60cm
Seat Height22cm
Seat Ground ClearanceVariable
Back Axle Width95cm
Back Axle Diameter38.1mm


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