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Larger Single Line Kites

Box Kite XL

Code: HQ102194

A traditional box kite with triangular wings for additional lift which allows it to rise higher for a given length of line. Made from fibreglass spars and ripstop material, this is an easy to assemble kite that it built to last. This is an enhancement of the original box kite invented by Australian, Lawrence Hargrave in 1893.

Colour: Yellow, Red and Blue fabric
Size: Width 80cm, Height 80cm.
Wind Range: 10-38kph (6-24mph)
Frame: 4 + 5mm Fibreglass
Sail: Ripstop Polyester
Flying Line: 50m x 25kgpolyester line on D-handle/winder.
Skill Level: Beginner(12 years and up).

This kite is supplied ready to fly - includes kite, flying line, handle-winder, instructions and reusable storage bag.


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