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Dual Line Sport Kites


Code: HQ117305

The Tramontana is a re-creation of one of Invento HQ's great kites of the 1990's.  The original Tramontana was one of the milestones and revolutionary highlights in the history of stunt kites. When it appeared in the shops in 1995, its sail surprised with panels which were not connected with lap-felled seams but with an unusual sailmaker's stitching. The Tramontana is a large full-sized kite impressing with its calm and elegant flight and tracing its majestic path in the sky. This elegant kite is extremely stable and is able to carry out many modern tricks.  A wonderful kite and a piece of history.

Please note that this kite does not include flying lines.

Colour: Red, Black and White colour pattern
Size: 236cm x 120cm
Recommended Wind Range: 6 - 38kph (4 -  24 mph)
Sail: Icarex
Frame: 6mm Carbon Fibre
Flying Lines: this kite is supplied without flying lines or handles  (requires 40-70kg Spectra/Dyneema).
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Tramontana is supplied as a kite only in a storage bag. Flying lines and handles must be purchased separately. We recommend 60kg x 30m Dyneema lines with Art-Deco wrist straps - please see our accessories page.

This kite  comes with a nylon carry case and instructions, plus a souvenir HQ 90's logo batch.


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