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Dual Line Sport Kites

Maestro II

Code: HQ116782

The perfect kite for the experienced flyer that wants to move up to serious trick flying. The Maestro II is a full-size, freestyle kite that will surprise you with its precise handling. A perfect introduction to those new to the sport of stunt kite flying, the Maestro II's turbo bridle provides easier rotation when executing slack line tricks. Wrapped graphite lower spreaders stiffen the wingspan for even greater response. Yoyo stoppers are installed along the leading edge for inverted flips and roll-ups. Two removable 15g tail weights aid trick execution at stronger wind speeds. The Maestro II is a versatile high quality flying machine that will never leave you bored.

Colours: Grey with rainbow coloured insert
Size: 228cm X 100cm
Recommended Wind Range: 10-40kph (6-25 mph)
Frame: 5 + 6mm carbon plus Dynamic DT15 lower spreader.
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Line: 70kg (150lb) X 25m Dyneema
Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced,  Age 14+

This kite is supplied ready to fly - includes kite, Dyneema Lines on  Winder, wrist straps, instructions and deluxe nylon storage sleeve.

Please note: This is a high performance kite designed for pilots who are experienced with stunt kites.
It has a very lightweight, tubular carbon fibre frame which allows it to move and turn very quickly.
This also means that if the kite hits the ground at speed it will break the frame. KiteSmart carries a range
of spare parts for these kites but the aim is to fly the kite will skill and care, to avoid crashes.


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