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Dual Line Sport Kites


Code: HQ117366

This exceptional high-end sport kite was developed by Andreas Koopmann. Competition-ready trick flight, coupled with very good precision. This kite is simple to handle. After only a short acclimatization the pilot get the feeling of being at one with the Infinity kite. All known tricks are possible. The sideslides are endless, the basics elegant and majestic. Back and wrap tricks are the speciality of this kite. Whether it is Backspins, Jacob's Ladder, Fade, Lazy Susans, Lateral Rolls or YoYos: the Infinity executes all tricks with ease and high controllability. The combination of trick and precision is impressive.

Please note that this kite is supplied without flying lines.

Colours: Grey shaded panels
Size: 246cm X 96cm
Recommended Wind Range: 8-28kph (5-18 mph)
Frame: Dynamic DT15 wrapped graphite.
Sail: Icarex
Flying Line: not included  - requires 45 - 70kg Dyneema/Spectra
Skill Level: Advanced, Age 14+

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Infinity is supplied as a kite only in a storage bag. Flying lines and handles must be purchased separately. We recommend 60kg x 30m Dyneema lines with Art-Deco wrist straps - please see our accessories page.

Please note: This is a high performance kite designed for pilots who are experienced with stunt kites.
It has a very lightweight, tubular carbon fibre frame which allows it to move and turn very quickly.
This also means that if the kite hits the ground at speed it will break the frame. KiteSmart carries a range
of spare parts for these kites but the aim is to fly the kite will skill and care, to avoid crashes. 


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