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Dual Line Sport Kites

French Connection (NewTech)

Code: NT53112

The French Connection was designed by Dodd Gross. For experienced trick flyers the French Connection is a high performance trick machine that is ideally suited to light winds. It is loaded with extras that enhance its trickability - including the ability to add up to 20 grams of adjustable tail weights (supplied with kite), Yo-Yo Gliders, Yo-Yo Bars, and a Roll-up Cage. The French Connection is unique in its ability to fly advanced pitch manoeuvres and precise lines with sharp cornering. The French Connection will double your fun – a great flying sport kite for the experienced flyer. 

Colors:  Yellow/White/Black colour pattern
Size:  229cm (90in) X 104cm (41in)
Weight: 355g (12.5 oz)
Recommended Wind Range: 5-32kph (3-20 mph)
Frame: P-200 Wrapped Graphite / Tapered Graphite
Sail: 0.5oz Polyester
Flying Line:  68kg (150lb) X 24.5m (80ft) Spectra
Skill Level:  Intermediate - Advanced

This kite is supplied ready to fly - includes kites, 68kg Spectra lines on Sprint Winder, wrist straps and deluxe padded storage sleeve.

Please note: This is a high performance kite designed for pilots who are experienced with stunt kites.
It has a very lightweight, tubular carbon fibre frame which allows it to move and turn very quickly.
This also means that if the kite hits the ground at speed it will break the frame. KiteSmart carries a range
of spare parts for these kites but the aim is to fly the kite will skill and care, to avoid crashes.


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