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Dual Line Sport Kites

Delta Hawk Rainbow

Code: HQ116007

Delta Hawk (Invento HQ)
For advanced flyers that want to experience the thrill of flying in high wind conditions, the Delta Hawk from Invento HQ is just the ticket. This kite is available in a Rainbow colour pattern. Built with a frame of 6mm carbon fibre tube and a ripstop nylon sail the Delta Hawk is robust and speedy. Please note that this kite is supplied without flying lines or handles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Delta Hawk is supplied as a kite only in a storage bag. Flying lines and handles must be purchased separately. We recommend 85kg(150lb), 30m (100ft) Dyneema Flying lines and Neoprene wrist straps - see our accessories page.

Colours:, Rainbow applique pattern.
Size: 146cm (58") wide, 72cm (28") high
Recommended Wind Range: 12-74kph (8-46mph)
Frame: 6mm Carbon Fibre Tube
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Line: not included - required 70-100kg Spectra/Dyneema lines required
Skill Level: Advanced.


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