Symphony Speed 2.5

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Dual Line Parafoils

Symphony Speed 2.5

Code: HQ117708

The right stuff for speed freaks!. The Symphony Speed lives up to its name with blazing speed and smooth control. A higher aspect ratio enables these kites to fly much faster than regular parafoils. Carefully engineered with sewn Dyneema bridles for lower parasitic drag and built with the smae meticulous high quality standards of the top-end Invento HQ parafoils. The Symphony Speed packs small for everyday travel, because you never know when the wind is going to blow.

Color: Red, Black and Grey colour pattern
Size: 248cm wide, 59cm high.
Wind Range: 6-49kph (4-31 mph)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Line: 30m x 145kg Dyneema on winder with padded wrist straps.
Skill Level:Intermediate to Advanced - Age 16+

This kite is supplied ready to fly - includes kite, flying lines on winder, padded wrist straps, reusable nylon carry case and instructions.


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