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Windmeter Xplorer 1 (Skywatch)


The Skywatch Xplorer 1 is the ideal wind-speed meter for sport kite enthusiasts.  It is very easy to use, and measures windspeed and maximum windspeed in a wide range of units.  The Xplorer 1 is designed in Switzerland, built to demanding specifications, and engineered to provide a lifetime of accurate and dependable use.  The impeller is well encased within the frame of the unit, protecting it from damage.

The Skywatch Wind Meter protective pouch is sold separately.

Measuring Units:  km/h,  mph,  m/s,  fps, knots.
Measuring Range:   Max 150km/h (94 mph)
Resolution:   0.1 unit
Precision:  +/- 3%
Measuring Cycle:  twice per second.
Weight:  50g
Dimensions: 41 x 93 x 17mm.

Download Xplorer user manual here.



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