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Wind Meter Pouch


This carrying pouch is especially built for the Skywatch Xplorer wind meter. With its soft covering inside and the belt loop it is the ideal protection for taking the Xplorer wind meter anywhere in the outdoor environment. Made from ballistic nylon with a velcro closure, the pouch holds the Wind Meter securely while providing easy access. 
Please note: Skywatch Xplorer Wind Meter is sold separately.


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Rainbow Tube Tail 24 (7m)

Add beauty and stability to larger single line kites with a vibrant rainbow striped tail.  A tube style tail ( 8 cm diameter) made of ripstop nylon. 7 metres of spectacular colour in...


Padded Wrist Straps

Large padded wrist straps from Peter Lynn. These padded wrist straps will provide maximum comfort and control of your 2 line stunt or power kite.  A red - blue pair.


Polyester Line

A combination Handle/Winder fitted with nylon line.

Climax Line

High Performance  Dacron line for single line kites.  This line is thick and feels good in the hand, allowing a nice grip, but the use of gloves is still recommended.  The white...

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