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Dual Line Sport Kites

Limbo 3-Stack

Code: HQ112375

The Limbo stunt kite is a very capable kite, but put it together in a 3 kite stack, and it's a strong pulling kite show! This color-coordinated stack includes 3 kites and everything you need to fly, including line and straps and comes in a specifically designed kite case. HQ's Limbo 3-Stack is not just a kite train, it is out-of-the-ordinary fun paired with a shot of adrenaline. It embodies the pure passion of kite flying in an ingenious way. Limbo 3-Stack requires attention and a steady hand as it generates tremendous speed and loads of pull in higher winds thats the way it delivers so much fun for advanced pilots who accept the challenge. The Limbo 3-Stack also provides an amazing sky show to mesmerize pilots and onlookers alike. To achieve a small, handy package for travel and vacation, these kites are delivered in a folded condition, but specially pre-configured for stack flying. So the fun can start immediately without any mess or trouble.

Colours: Blue Red, and Green applique pattern.
Size: 155cm wide x 72cm high. (each kite)
Recommended Wind Range: 10-40kph (7 - 3mph)
Frame:5mm Fibreglass
Sail: RipstopPolyester.
Flying Line: 2 x 30m, 70kg Dyneema on winder with wrist straps
Skill level: Advanced (Age 16 yrs +)

This kite stack is supplied ready to fly - includes 3 kites, 70kg flying lines on winder, wrist straps and deluxe storage sleeve.



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