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Single Line Parafoils

Octofoil - Orange

Code: SA10590

Watch this awesome water creation float through the sky as if it was in the deep ocean. This octopus kite is graceful and stable, and is able to manage a wide range of winds due to its lightweight semi-parafoil construction. There is no assembly required. This kite is ready to fly straight out of the bag. No sticks to break or lose. Why not fly a few Octofoils together and create an amazing underwater scene in the sky. This kite is available in Orange or Blue.

Colour:Neon Orange with sewn-in eyes
Size:Width 75cm, Height 72cm plus 300cmstreamer tails
Recommended Wind Range:7-28kph (4-18mph)
Sail:Ripstop Polyester
Flying Line:36m x 13kg (30lb) Dacron polyester lineon D-handle/winder.
Skill Level:Beginner / Child (6 years and up).

This kite is supplied ready to fly - includes kite, flying line,handle/winder and reusable plastic storage bag.



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