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Larger Single Line Kites

Ruby Butterfly

Code: HQ106543

This brightly coloured butterfly will provide hours of great kite flying fun for young and old alike. It is a larger version of the Butterfly kites in our "Kites for Small Kids" range.

Please note that this kite takes a bit more effort to assemble than other kites. It will need to be assembled by an adult. KiteSmart have provided supplementary instructions to simplify the process.  The reward for this extra effort is a stunningly beautiful kite that is easy to launch and flies very well.  These instructions can be downloaded here.
Butterfly Kite Assembly instructions

Colour:  Ruby Red colour pattern
Size:  130cm x 80cm plus 6m tails
Recommended Wind Range:  8 - 31kph (5 - 20 mph)
Frame:  4mm and 3mm Fibreglass
Sail:  Ripstop Polyester
Flying Line:  40m x 17kg polyester with on winder/handle flight ring with "Easy Clip". 
Skill Level:  Beginner / Child (7 years and up)

This kite is supplied ready to fly - includes kite, flight ring, line, reusable nylon carry case and instructions.



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