Flowtail Delta 600 by Invento


This is one of the best looking flowtail kites you can get. The long removable red taffeta tails really stand out against the sky and are a great contrast to the fixed middle black tail. The kite is large but launches in a small wind.

Width: 185cm

Height: 575cm

Sail: Ripstop Polyester

Frame: Fibreglass 7mm

Line: Polyester 45kg X 60m on spool included

Windrange: 2 – 5 Bft (8 – 38kph)

Age: 12+

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An amazingly beautiful kite that looks just fantastic in the sky. More than a common veil-tailed delta! These tails are made with an organza like material that provides an incredible flow. The two outer tails use Velcro attachments so they can be quickly removed on light wind days.


-Zero waste, nylon bag for storage.

-Removable Velcro tails.


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