Flapping Willie Worm by Invento


Children will be thrilled by Invento HQ Willie Worm a crazy flapping kite. Unlike ordinary kites, Willie is designed to flap in the wind creating motion effects that will keep children entertained for hours.

Age Range: 5yrs and up
Size: Width 48cm, Height 114cm (45in) plus streamer tail

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Willie Worm is not like ordinary kites. Willie is designed to flap in the sky, creating crazy motion effects. Children and adults alike will be thrilled by the Crazy Flapping Willie Worm Kite. It’s a single line kite that provides lot’s of fun at any time. Unlike any ordinary kite, the motion effects of the HQ Flapping Willie Worm will keep everyone entertained for hours. A top quality kite from Invento HQ constructed with a fibreglass frame and ripstop nylon sail for durability.

Colour: Rainbow stripes.
Size: Width 48cm, Height 114cm (45in) plus streamer tail
Recommended Wind Range: 11-35kph (7-21mph)
Frame: Fibreglass
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Flying Line: 60m x 17kg (35lb) on flight ring
Skill Level: Beginner / Child (5 years and up)

This kite is supplied ready to fly – includes kite, streamer tail, flying line, flight ring and storage case.


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