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Kites for Small Kids

Single Line kites for younger children. These kites are classic kite diamond shapes and delta shaped best flyers.  They are easy to assemble and fly and have very little "pull...

Larger Single Line Kites

A wide range of diamond and delta shaped kites plus box kites and animal shapes.  These kites are larger in size and are more suited to older children. The kites are supplied complete with fly...

Single Line Parafoils

Single line parafoils are frameless kites that have no sticks to break and no adjustments to make.  They pack into a small bag, making them the portable, take-anywhere kite.  Parafoils ar...

Dual Line Sport Kites

Advanced sport kites. Highly manoeuvrable for tricks. There are kites in this range suitable for beginners through to advanced flyers. These kites are supplied ready to fly - includes kite, flying ...

Dual Line Parafoils

Parafoils are easy to fly and can be used for tricks. Lots of fun! Please note that sports kite flying is potentially dangerous.Always take care to ensure the safety of the flye...

Power Kites & Buggies

Traction kites for buggying, snowboarding and roller-blading. Ride like the wind!!  Lots of fun. These kites are supplied ready to fly - including kite, coloured Dyneema lines on winder,...

Sleds & Lifter Kites

Large single-line parafoils are used to carry items aloft and hold them stably.  Lifters and sleds can be used to carry cameras (Kite Aerial Photography), radio antennas and scientific instrum...


Flying Lines, Wrist Straps, Kite Bags, Ground Pegs and Instructional DVDs. FREE Postage if you spend $40.00 or more. Orders of less than $40.00 will incur a fixed post...

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